PIERS Morgan has said he will turn up to his old secondary school wearing a skirt after a row over the school's new gender neutral uniforms.

The Good Morning Britain the presenter, who attended the sixth form of the Priory School in Lewes, raged against their insistence that girls should now have to wear trousers as part of a new uniform.

Hundreds of pupils protested outside the school gates on Friday, and were kept locked out of lessons by teachers and Sussex Police officers.

Messenger Newspapers:

After he suggested boys should protest in skirts in solidarity his co-host Susannah Reid said she would love to see Mr Morgan in a skirt, to which he shot back: "You know what, maybe I’ll wear on down by the school gates this week."

Messenger Newspapers:

On Friday police and teachers were criticised for locking school gates to schoolchildren who protested a new "gender neutral" uniform policy, leaving pupils to wander the streets of the Sussex town.

Maria Caulfield MP said she would be speaking to Sussex Police chief constable Giles York and police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne.

This morning children at the school were interviewed on GMB. 

Libby Murray who started a petition against the new uniform, said: "I think it was kind of the school who called the police and stuff.

"It was a peaceful protest.

Messenger Newspapers:

"It was just us wearing skirts and not coming in in trousers."

Her schoolmate Nina Cullen: "We were trying to get in saying we wanted our education and they were not letting us get through. They don’t like the fact that girls’ roll up their skirts

"I don’t but lots of people in our school do.

"They should police it properly a lot of schools, girls wear skirts."

And Cressida Murray, Libby's mother, said: "Effectively girls have the uniform now. 

"We were told they could carry on with their current uniform, two years ago, and they’ve got panicked and got fed up with telling people off."

The parents added a new uniform costs £111.90.

The Priory School forced all pupils to wear trousers in 2017 after "concerns" were raised over the length of skirts - and to cater for transgender pupils.

Messenger Newspapers:

It has brought in a fully gender neutral uniform and yesterday the head teacher warned pupils would be sent home if they are not wearing it.

Parents of older pupils are outraged at being ordered to purchase entirely new uniforms for their children to wear for just two and a half terms. 

On Friday the children waved placards outside the school gates protesting the "pointless" and "silly" policy and the waste of previously-purchased clothes.