By Ted Stirzaker 

HAVE you got a cat with star quality?

Asda is looking for a festive feline to star in its 2019 Christmas campaign.

The supermarket is running auditions for a lucky feline to star as ‘Mr Grumbles’ in what the chain promises will be its most magical Christmas advert yet.

The role will require a cat to go from grumpy and sulky to all sweetness and light at the snap of a finger - or maybe just the waving of a treat.

Eilidh Macaskill, Vice President of creative and media at Asda, said: “We want to make this Christmas the most extra special Christmas yet, so we’re pulling-out all stops to ensure we bring a little magic to screens, with the help of Mr Grumbles.”

Whether a short, ginger-furred kitten or a raggedy ragdoll, the role of Mr Grumbles is open to cats of all shapes and sizes.

Messenger Newspapers:

The ad director will then select Mr Grumbles from hundreds of headshots,
taken from a casting-call of cat models, as well as those submitted by members of the public through social media, selecting the feline who brings to life the essence of Mr Grumbles.

The winning moggy will be the face of Asda’s Christmas ads and be catapulted into nationwide stardom.

If you have a cat worthy of the name Mr Grumbles, send a picture to Asda on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MrGrumbles.

Asda’s 2019 Christmas ad will begin filming in mid-September 2019.