MOTORISTS have claimed thousands in compensation this year for vehicles damaged by potholes, new figures show.

Data from Trafford Council highlights a major rise in payouts to drivers, with the total amount paid increasing from £930 in 2017/18 to £27,000 in 2018/19.

It comes as the authority’s spending on roads has fallen by more than £150,0000 in the same period. The worst road in the area was Manchester Road, in Carrington, which was the subject of more complains than any other street.

Phil Thompson, from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), has called on the government to put more money into the region’s roads.

He said: “The rising number of complaints about vehicle damage suggests there are some really nasty roads still out there, with some very damaging and in fact probably quite dangerous craters which need to be prioritised. I would urge all road users to report potholes immediately.

“If councils don’t know about a problem, they can’t fix it. The longer a pothole is left the worse it becomes, and when a road requires closing to be fixed that’s when we start to see traffic jams and issues for businesses.”

He added: “Most business rely on the road network more than any other type of transport infrastructure – they are vital for regional economies to attract business investment, and therefore jobs and growth. We are now starting to see the dividends of investment, but we need more of the same and it has to be sustained for a more resilient network.”