POLITICIANS blamed each other for the borough’s “inadequate” child care services at an emergency town hall meeting.

This comes after an Ofsted report found that social care services are failing vulnerable and at-risk children in Trafford.

Local authority bosses were said to have had “no awareness” of how bad things were.

Conservatives argued that the deterioration to “inadequate” occurred in less than twelve months since Labour took over.

Council leader Andrew Western said it was “highly regrettable” they politicised the issue.

He said: “The Labour administration takes the findings of the Ofsted report very seriously and we have made improving the quality of our children’s services our number one priority.”

Lib Dem councillors abstained from voting on the motion which they described as a “political point scoring exercise”.

Group leader Jane Brophy said councillors should take the watchdog’s feedback to heart.

She said: “We need to work together and across party lines to ensure better services are provided for Trafford’s children.’’

Conservative leader Nathan Evans said: "It is unquestionably the right thing for a responsible opposition to hold the administration to account for their failings. It’s not surprising the Labour group are crying politics – the truth hurts.

"They have badly let down the most vulnerable children and young people in Trafford. The main finding being a 'failure of leadership' clearly in the controlling groups hands."