STUDENTS at a Lostock High School were given hand written notes and books chosen by their teachers as they collected awards for achievement and hard work.

Proud parents celebrated their children’s success across subjects with special awards for attendance, progress effort and displaying school values at the Stretford school’s annual awards ceremony.

There was also a top prize of a brand-new laptop for the student with the most achievement points, won by Jazz Whitehouse, 12, from Stretford.

She said: “Winning this award makes me so happy. When I first started, I was nervous and struggled quite a bit. But the support I got every single day from my teachers has really made a huge difference.

“Like the notes we received with our prizes, it makes you feel special. It has given me so much confidence in myself. It is the personalised help and support you get that make the difference at this school.”

Proud parent Victor Whitehouse said: “If it wasn’t for the amazing staff, she would not be where she is now. We are just glad to see her progress — the school is really bringing out her talents.

“We deliberated for a long time over our secondary school choice but the support she gets her is amazing. It was definitely the right decision.”

Other big winners included Raahil Manjra, 12, from Stretford, who went home with five awards and Neha Gurnai, 14, Stretford, who went home with the headteachers award.

Neha said: “It is amazing how supportive everyone is at the school. The personal notes you get with this prize shows that you are not just a static at this school. The teachers know you personally and are looking out for you.”

Headteacher Lee Fazackerley said: “It is incredibly important that we come together as a school community to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our students.

“As a school, we not only celebrate students who have achieved academically but those whose perseverance, endeavour and hard work is truly inspiring.”