South Manchester Radio and Computer Club Announce a Commemorative Special Events Station GB200PLM

A global network of radio enthusiasts are set to receive a unique contact opportunity from Trafford Metrovicks Rugby Football Club between 9th and 26th August this year as Manchester commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.

“If an event like The Peterloo Massacre, where more than a dozen protesters were killed and hundreds more injured at the hand of the state, it would be global news within minutes because technology allows us to send and receive radio signals” says South Manchester Radio and Computer Club chairman, Ron Smith.

“Two hundred years ago, Guglielmo Marconi and Heinrich Hertz hadn’t developed radio so news depended on type setting, printing, and ocean voyages before reaching the global audience so it’s no surprise that today very few people outside of Greater Manchester have heard about the massacre. We are taking the opportunity to put that right.”

To commemorate the massacre, SMRCC will be operating a special events station with the callsign GB200PLM - short for Great Britain 200 Peterloo Massacre. Visitors are encouraged during the event and will see experts using the same technology that Marconi refined to change the way news was reported.

“Special event stations regularly operate to spread awareness of local history to an audience around the world” explains Ron. “A station recently operated from HMS Belfast moored on the Thames in commemoration of the D Day landings using the special call sign GB75DDAY.

“When a contact is made, a QSL card - a sort of postcard - is sent to the remote station as a souvenir and proof that the contact was made.”

Amateur radio stations offer a unique way for you to see how communications technology works behind the scenes. If you are interested in technology generally or perhaps you are studying for a degree in a technical discipline, then take advantage of this special event to learn more about the science that makes modern equipment from your television to mobile phone work.

The SMRCC special events station will be open to the public at Trafford Metrovicks Rugby Football Club, Finney Bank Road, Sale, M33 6LR between 9th and 26th of August where you will find information about the massacre, learn a little about radio and hear other stations around the world make contact. Visitors will also receive a souvenir copy of the QSL card.

For more information contact or follow @GB200PLM on Twitter.