CELEBRATING 100 glorious years on Sunday was Louisa Higginson.

Miss Higginson’s family and friends threw a party befitting her grand achievement at Clyne Court sheltered accommodation in Trafford.

A lifelong Stretfordian, Miss Higginson has lived through the reign of three monarchs and 24 prime ministers.

She attributes her long life to having never been married, not smoking and avoiding alcohol.

Miss Higginson worked in munitions during World War Two and spent a lot of her working life on the production line at Kellogs.

Her cousin, Harry Newman, said: "It was a lovely day and Louisa really enjoyed herself. She was delighted with her birthday cake and her card from The Queen.

"I'd like to thank Janice, the site manager, and all her helpers for preparing a wonderful buffet."

Louisa's birthday was on Friday but the family decided to hold the party on Sunday because it meant more people were able to attend.

Before moving into sheltered accommodation, Louisa lived in Tenby Street, Old Trafford. She is the last surviving of her ten - nine brothers and a sister.