A 64-year-old woman from Sale has had her life transformed after joining Success Stories storytelling club three years ago..

Marilyn Mastin gave up work in 1982, a year after marrying Alan - because two conditions affected her health.

The first, and most serious, is Tuberous Sclerosis.

Marilyn said: “Calcium deposits in my brain and central nervous system, make it difficult to multi task because too much information is entering my brain at once.

“It makes it hard to follow instructions I tried voluntary work, but the effect was the same.”

Her other problem is Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) meaning she cannot recognise faces.

“When my son was 18 months old and started at nursery school, I was afraid I wouldn’t recognise him when I collected him so I dressed him in distinctive clothing.”

Balance problems meant she could only walk with a stick, but storytelling gave her the confidence to book exercise classes which meant she no longer needs it.

She first heard about the storytelling club after meeting the founder, Sharon Richards at a writing group.

On her first night, she told a story about being a left handed schoolgirl, told to write with her right hand.

“Sharon has been a mentor to me. I did a beginners’ course with her.”

Then, Marilyn won second prize in the storyteller of the year competition.

Her break came when she was asked to tell stories at two local churches.

After advertising, she was booked regularly as a professional tale teller at Ashlands Manor home for senior citizens.

She plans a theme and combines songs, poems and stories for the residents each month.

“Stories take people’s minds off problems,” she said. ”I didn’t feel alive until I started doing this.”

To find out more about Marilyn’s conditions or to book her, email marijoolz.sale@gmail.com.

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