DISNEY’S High School Musical gives young people from Urmston Musical Theatre Juniors, a chance to showcase their talent.

And they certainly have oodles of that as they sing, dance and act the night away with zest.

Much hard work has obviously gone in to rehearsals

creating a well paced, slick production

It features young love when new girl and maths genius Gabriella, falls for hunky basket ball player, Troy. Played by Isla Plant and Tom Buls, they are only too aware of the necessity of keeping in with their peers but the bonds of affection hold true.

Fortunately, each of them wins a lead part in their high school’s musical. Their interaction with one another is good.

They even manage to convert to their cause drama queen and baddie Sharpay.

Olivia Clapperton, puts her across as a vain schemer whose boyfriend, Ryan (Oliver Francis) falls for her seductive charm.

Drama Teacher, Ms Darbus comes across as a woman who believes in her pupils and want to get the best out of them. It is hard to believe that the role was taken over at short notice by Isabelle Mead who gives a professional performance.

It’s a tribute to director Stephanie Niland, Musical Diector, Tom Guest and choreographer Lyndsey Florin that this production has such warmth and keeps the audience entranced with the energy of the young people involved.

*High School Musical is at Urmston Grammar School until Saturday, July 13. For tickets, see umt.org.uk or telephone 0161 408 1288. Star rating: * * *.