MEMBERS of Altrincham Court Leet wore their robes for the Beat the Bounds tradition.

They began at a marker on the wall outside No. 1 Higher Downs, Altrincham and moved to 14 other boundary markers, plaques and stone engravings.

They were led by Bellman, Alderman David Eastwood who cried “beatings” to all around.

He was followed by the Provost, Burgess Ken Garrity and, representing the Barony, of Dunham, Alderman Alan Laver, who said the words “Beatings”…”Good people of Altrincham,” etc to all around.

Burgess Bridget Garner accompanied them. At each stopping point Alderman David Eastwood beat the Bounds (boundary) with a willow wand.

The original Court Leet chose willow because it was found growing by streams and rivers forming a natural boundary to the area.

The area covered by the procession was bounded by St Margaret’s Church, Oldfield Road, Atlantic Street, and Sinderland Road.

Then, to Timperley Brook, Stamford Park, Hale Road and Albert Square.