HAVING a good nosy when you drive through the 'posh' areas is one of life's guilty pleasures.

But have you ever wondered how far your wallet must stretch to be able to live on one of Altrincham's priciest streets?

We've consulted property experts Zoopla to find out the five most expensive roads and how much they estimate a house on one of them could cost.

While the average asking price for a three-bed house in Altrincham is £393,182, there are also plenty of other properties to choose from for those with the deepest pockets.

According to the property buying site Zoopla, these are Altrincham's most expensive streets.

Highest value streets for property using Zoopla's 'Zed Index' - and average estimated price

1. Broadway, Hale, Altrincham - £3,039,221

The top of our list is Broadway, Hale in Altrincham where the current average value is £3,039,221.

The most expensive property on this country lane sold for a whopping £6,800,000 in October 2017.

For that price you can enjoy five bedrooms, three bathrooms and four reception rooms; not to mention being able to say you live in the most expensive street in Altrincham.

2. The Avenue, Hale, Altrincham - £2,508,344

Coming in at a close second is The Avenue, Hale, where properties sell for an average of just over £2.5m, and the prices are only climbing higher with a value increase of £21,966 over the last year.

The most expensive home on this street sold for an eye watering £3,375,000 back in 2010.

Meanwhile, another home on the same street sold for £2,200,000 in the same year.

General view of The Avenue for guidance only

3. Hill Top, Hale, Altrincham - £2,467,577

Hill Top, Hale is the third most expensive street with the current average value for properties being £2,467,577.

One house on the road, however, is worth almost double that.

At £4.6m, the opulent estate has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and four reception rooms, and since being sold eight years ago, has gone up in value by over £1m.

General view of Hill Top for guidance only

4. Theobold Road, Bowdon, Altrincham - £2,367,155

The street at number four is Theobald Road, Bowdon, where properties have an average worth of over £2.3m.

Last October one house on the street sold for £3.2m.

5. South Downs Drive, Hale, Altrincham - £2,319,441.

This luxury address is also home to multi-million pound abodes.

A property on this street will set you back an average of over £2.3m.

Back in 2005 one home on the road sold for £3.2m, but the past decade has seen its value climb to over £4.5m.

General view of South Downs Drive for guidance only

In addition to the most expensive, Zoopla has also rounded-up the streets with the highest turnover - ie the ones where houses go up for sale most frequently.

That is worked out by dividing the number of sales over the last five years (excluding new build properties) by the number of homes in a given area.

The five highest turnover streets in Altrincham are:

  • Pineacre Close, West Timperley, WA14 - 78.6%
  • Howard Court, Bedford Drive, Timperley, WA15 - 63.6%
  • Clarendon Avenue, Altrincham, WA15 - 58.3%
  • Tannery Way, Timperley, WA14 - 55.6%
  • Wolf Grange, Hale, WA15 - 55%