A GANG of men on a stag party from Oldham, who harassed passengers and cabin crew on a flight, including exposing themselves and having water fights, have been jailed.

Craig Hopwood, Michael Ward, Scott Capper and Daniel Howarth, boarded a flight to Las Vegas from Manchester on March 24 last year.

Manchester Crown Court heard how, as the flight took off, cabin crew became aware that the group were drinking excessively of their own duty-free alcohol, smoking e-cigarettes and disrupting passengers around them.

The party were warned numerous times about their behaviour and cabin crew pointed out that there were children and families onboard the plane.

However, the men continued with their "disruptive and intimidating behaviour" which escalated to fighting each other, throwing water bottles across the cabin, and having water fights ­— wetting many other passengers.

Hopwood, Ward and Capper were also seen pulling their trousers down and exposing themselves, the court heard.

Cabin crew then warned the men that if their behaviour continued the flight would have to be diverted, as they were causing "considerable distress" to people around them.

Ward then replied: "You can't tell me what to do. You are lower down the food chain from me.

"I am a 40K a year a builder. You are just an air hostess. Don't try and tell me what do.”

Despite warnings, the men continued to be aggressive ­— shouting and swearing at passengers and staff.

The aircraft's captain then decided to divert the flight to Winnipeg, Canada, as it was "no longer safe to continue the flight".

The decision meant the aircraft had to dump 10,000 gallons of fuel to land safely.

Once in Canada the four men were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

At an earlier hearing Hopwood, aged 35, of Atherton Street; Ward, aged 33, of Incline Road; and Capper, aged 32, of Hopkin Road; all pleaded guilty to affray and being drunk on an aircraft.

Howarth, aged 35, of Harrow Avenue, also pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour and being drunk on an aircraft.

Today, Hopwood, Ward and Capper were all sentenced to two years in prison.

Howarth was sentenced to one year and seven months in prison.

Speaking after the case, Detective Constable Brad Howarth, of Greater Manchester Police’s Manchester Airport team, said: “The actions of these four men were appalling.

"Their behaviour was intimidating and frightening, for both the passengers unfortunate enough to be sat near them, as well as the crew who made every possible attempt to reason with them as the flight continued.

“However, the group’s aggressive actions had no bounds, showing absolutely no consideration for the many children and families on board that had to endure their grossly unacceptable and offensive language and behaviour.

“The cabin crew and captain, who whilst carrying out their duties on a full aircraft, had to deal with an intimidating and disgracefully behaved group of men. Despite this, they kept the safety of their passengers at the forefront of their minds and their professionalism is commendable.

“Today, the drunken and loutish behaviour of these four men has resulted in a jail sentence; and I hope that this sends a clear message- anyone who thinks about acting the same on an aircraft will be met with the firmest police response upon their return to Manchester.”