A COMMUNITY farm has been targeted by a group of teenagers.

Several chickens are understood to have died after yobs broke into Pimhole Community Farm and "sprayed them with fire extinguishers."

The farm in School Street is widely known for its community projects, which involves giving young people across Bury the chance to meet the animals and learn about agricultural life.

The team posted about the incident on its Facebook page yesterday: "Anyone know this scumbag? He is one of the three people who has been on the farm last night and smashed the cameras and sprayed the chickens with fire extinguishers and now some have died because of it."

Hundreds of people have taken to social media to speak out against the incident which occurred on Saturday night.

One wrote: "Age doesn’t matter. They know they are doing wrong. Lock them up. Where are the parents? They should also be fined."

Another posted on Sunday: "There were four lads climbing over the fences today when I was walking the dog on the park at about 2pm. They climbed over at the side of the metal container."

The farm has thanked members of the public for their support.

The police have been contacted and an investigation is ongoing.

They posted: "My thanks to each and every one of you for your support over this horrible time. I can tell you we have got names of these scum after the police have done I will post the names. Once again my thanks again to you all."