THERE are a number of speed cameras operating across Trafford.

The cameras aim to make sure drivers adhere to speed limits, and keep fellow motorists and pedestrians safe.

They are usually put in places where statistics show a high number of collisions and casualties.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) have compiled a list of the fixed camera locations which we are publicising in a bid to encourage people to slow down.

On their website, TFGM say: "Safety cameras are a valuable and cost-effective way to discourage people from speeding or jumping traffic lights, and to identify drivers who ignore the warnings.

"So they work in two ways: by actually slowing traffic at dangerous points to reduce the risk of collisions at the time, and by catching offending drivers so that they will be less likely to drive dangerously in the future."

They added: "The only purpose of safety cameras is to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths on our roads."

As well as fixed cameras, mobile cameras are also used across the borough and are not being highlighted here.

Greater Manchester Police have discretion to undertake speed enforcement anywhere within the county.

The list below shows the type of camera (ie speed, average speed, or red light), its location and the speed limit.

The list was last updated on March 29, 2019.

Full list of fixed speed camera locations in Trafford:

Red Light A5181 Barton Road, Jct Kingsway, Stretford, 30

Red Light A56 Cross St, Jct Dane Road, Sale, 30

Red Light A56 Manchester Road, Woodcote Road, Trafford, 30

Red Light A56 Washway Road, Jct Sibson Road, Sale, 30

Red Light A560 Shaftsbury Avenue, Jct Thorley Lane, Trafford, 40

Red Light B5217 Seymour Grove, Jct Kings Road, Stretford, 30

Red Light Chester Road, White City Way, 30

Red Light Derbyshire Lane, Jct A5181 Park Road, Stretford, 30

Speed A5067 Talbot Road, near jct Warwick Road, Trafford, 30

Speed A538 Hale Road, near High Elm Road, Hale Barns, 30

Speed A56 Chester Road, near Cavendish Road, Stretford, 30

Speed A56 Chester Road, near Cavendish Road, Stretford, 30

Speed A56 Cross Street, near Elm Grove, Sale, 40

Speed A56 Dunham Road, near Bow Green Road, Altrincham, 50

Speed A56 Dunham Road, near St Margarets Road, Altrincham, 30

Speed A56 Washway Road, South of Oakfield, Sale, 30

Speed A56 Washway Road, South of Selsey Street, Sale, 30

Speed A6144 Carrington Lane, near jct of Isherwood Road, Carrington, 40

Speed A6144 Manchester Road, Near to the Addison Road junction, Carrington, 30

Speed A6144 Marsland Road, near Lyme Grove, Sale, 30

Speed Barton Road, opp Edale Road, Stretford, 30

Speed Manor Avenue, near Plymouth Road, Sale, 30

Speed & Red Light A5145 Edge Lane, Jct Chester Road, Stretford, 30

Speed & Red Light Junction of Chester Road, Kingsway, 30