PLANS to build new sports facilities including a race track at a primary school have won the backing of town hall bosses.

Blueprints also include four netball courts, a rounders pitch, a long jump track, eight shelters  – and a boundary fence 9ft 2in high (2.84m).

Staff at Altrincham’s Bowdon Preparatory School For Girls, located along Ashley Road, are seeking permission to make a number of improvements to its sports equipment.

“The sports area will be accessed by a gate from Cavendish Road,”  read a planning report.

“The gate is situated opposite the school and is easily accessed by children and staff.

“Furthermore, any child that has mobility issues will be able to access the facility easily due to its short distance from the school.”

However, not everyone is in favour of the scheme; the council has received 35 objection letters.

Neighbours fear, if the plans are approved, the pupils will use the pitches and running track throughout the year – and this will create more noise, they say.

Others raised concern about the height of the proposed new fence- and labelled it ‘unsightly’.

A resident wrote: “Why a does a school of 330 girls at aged three to 11 need sports facilities of this sophistication.”

“It’s disappointing that the school did not discuss the proposal with residents prior to submitting the planning application,” wrote another.

However, members of the council’s planning committee are set to approve the development on Thursday.

A council report read: “The benefit that the scheme provides is considered to demonstrably outweigh any harm to the local area.

“The provision of a modern multi-purpose sports facility that will give children access sports activity throughout the year is supported.

“Policy is clear that planning decisions should aim to support healthy lifestyles by providing sports facilities.”

The report continued: “All relevant planning issues have been considered and representations have been taken into account.

“The application is therefore recommended for approval.”