WHEN I use a mobile phone, I can hear voices clearly.

I do not know how it is possible, without any cable or visible connection, that I can talk to them.

But I know it works!

Now, please do not ask me how it is possible that millions of people can pray at the same time, and in different languages, and our Father in Heaven is ready to listen and to answer at the same time.

I cannot understand how that happens. But I know it works!

Just like a mobile phone, prayer works, even though we may not understand exactly how.

But there are some things about prayer that we do understand.

Jesus teaches us that a prayer from the heart can open heaven.

When you pray, do you feel like the heavens are opened?

Each one of us can find ways to prepare for personal prayer.

It’s at those moments when we don’t feel like praying that we most need to pray.

When you desperately need help from heaven, prayer can give you power to make the right decisions.

We can learn a lot by studying how the Saviour prayed.

Jesus prayed first thing in the morning and sought a solitary place to pray.

Jesus Christ also set an example when He said to His Father: “Not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

As you strive to be humble, honest, and sincere in your prayers, you will find it easier to accept Heavenly Father’s will, even when it may not match what you had in mind.

Kneel down before your Maker, and speak to Him. And He, in His infinite mercy, will answer back.

Cedric Knipe

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Altrincham Interfaith Group