A NURSERY has appointed a nutritionist to help children get a healthy start in life.

Back to the Garden Childcare has recruited Niki Charnock to provide expert nutritional advice for children and parents, ensuring all who attend the nursery are encouraged into healthy eating habits from a young age.

By working with the parents, sharing ideas and easy recipes for nutritious meals at home for the whole family, Niki hopes to educate on the importance of eating well from birth onwards, improving gut health, strengthening immunity and promoting brain health, which enhances productivity and concentration.

She plans to introduce Wellness Wednesdays at the nursery, inviting parents and grandparents to stay to learn more about family nutrition.

Niki said: “I am thrilled to be involved in Back to the Garden ­— the ethos of the nursery is in tune with my philosophy, and it is a pleasure to be part of such an innovative approach to childcare. I hope the expert advice I give, supported by easy to make recipes, will give parents the confidence to understand the food choices that they make for their families and the importance of eating healthily from a young age, so that they implement and model these good habits at home.”

Jeannie Pickering, co-founder of Back to the Garden Childcare, in Sinderland Road, Broadheath, said: “Niki is highly regarded in this field and with her own clinic in St Ann’s Square in Manchester, is well versed in nutrition, health, wellbeing and mindfulness, all of which we advocate within the nursery.

“Niki’s input at Back to the Garden will really assist the children and their parents adapt a healthier approach to all meal times, ensuring healthy habits become an integral part of family life now.”

Away from work Niki is a mother to two small children, Bodhi, aged three, and Farleigh, aged eight, months, whom she brings up holistically and are her biggest critics regarding her recipes.