FILTHY mattresses, rotten food and overflowing bin bags are among the items dumped across the streets of Trafford ­— with residents saying they’ve “had enough”.

It is a problem that blights many communities and is a hefty weight on the public purse.

But Gareth Wright, who lives along Partridge Sreet in Stretford, says the area is a hotspot for fly-tipping as he regularly finds rubbish dumped at the rear of his house.

“Fly-tipping is an issue that just won’t go away,” he said.

“Across the borough, there are alleyways, streets and green spaces being regularly targeted by people who dump everything from general waste to carpets – washing machines – and bikes.

“I’ve complained to Trafford Council, but each time the rubbish is cleared away it’s replaced with more ­— and I’m sick of it,” he said.

“I regularly see rats and mice scavenging bin bags filled with rotten food.

“It’s disgusting ­— it’s a health and safety issue ­— and it needs to be stamped out.”

Meanwhile, the town hall boss in charge of environment and air quality, Cllr Stephen Adshead, said he is taking a tough stance against "environmental criminals".

He said Kingdom Enforcement, the firm contracted to catch the culprits, issued more than 2,000 fines last year.

“We will not tolerate littering and fly-tipping of any kind and will come down hard on those who are guilty,” he said.

“Everyone has a duty of care to dispose of their rubbish properly and responsibly.

“This also means making sure those who offer to get rid of your rubbish have a waste disposal licence.”

Meanwhile, figures obtained from the council show that in 2018 it recorded more than 2,000 fly-tipping incidents.

They included anything from a single item being dumped to a "tipper lorry load".

The cost to investigate the problem has set the council back almost £400,000 since 2015.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, one resident said Banky Lane in Sale is regularly targeted by fly-tippers.

“I went there at the weekend and saw tyres, computer software, rubble and household rubbish dumped there – the lot,” the post read.

While another said rubbish is regularly left along Old Barton Road in Urmston.

“I’ve run past there twice recently and saw a large amount of rubbish dumped there ­— and it looks like a house clearance,” the post read.

While Jo Young, who manages Chorlton’s Sue Ryder charity shop, said beds and mattresses are regularly abandoned outside the store.

“People should know that leaving white goods, mattresses and even sofas outside the shop is an issue – and causes problems for the shop, the council and neighbours,” she said.

“Also, the cost to get the goods removed has to be paid by the shop manager.”

“I’m sure this is a problem for lots of charity shops,” she added.

Below are the shocking incidents of fly-tipping that were discovered in Trafford this week: 

Albion Street, Old Trafford

This alleyway, which is on the council’s top ten list of grot spots, was littered with bits of plastic, a shoe, saturated bits of cardboard, plastic bottles, takeaway cartons – and beer cans.

Banky Lane, Sale

Messenger Newspapers:

Residents say fly-tipping Banky Lane is a regular occurrence.

This week, there were old tyres, a dirty wet mattress, a printer, a bag full of beer cans – and some cardboard boxes dumped there.

There were also mounds of old plastic flooring thrown over a nearby fence.

Hawthorn Lane, Trafford

Messenger Newspapers:

This is another area residents say is a hot-spot for fly-tipping – and this week there was a mass of old plasterboard dumped right next to a bin.

In addition, there was also a black bin bag of rubbish left on the pavement.

Meanwhile, here’s a copy of the council’s top 10 grot-spots and the number of fly-tipping incidents it recorded last year.

Trent Bridge Walk, Stretford – 36

Albion Street, Old Trafford – 32

Roaring Gate Lane, Hale Barns – 27

Hawthorn Road, Stretford – 25

Gorse Street, Stretford – 21

Milner Street, Old Trafford – 20

South Lonsdale Street, Stretford – 19

Beever Street, Old Trafford – 17

Thorpe Street, Old Trafford – 17

Chester Road, Stretford – 16

Taylors Road, Stretford – 16