The long-running cooking show kicks off tonight with a whopping 56 contestants cooking for the crown.

But who are the MasterChef contestants this year on BBC One?

The BBC has only announced details of the first seven contestants of MasterChef 2019.

Messenger Newspapers:

They are:

Maria S, 33, is a mum of two who works in banking relations and lives in North Lanarkshire

Tim, 26, is a curator from London who has never eaten a ready meal

Lisa, 46, is a lawyer from Guernsey who has become a MasterChef contestant for the challenge

Frank, 34, is a Nigerian-born company director who now lives in London

Devina, 51, is a nurse and family cook born in Mauritius who now lives in Leatherhead

Gary, 57, is a sales engineer and travel fanatic who is inspired by world foods

Annabel, 22, is from Middlesbrough and starting cooking dinner for her parents when she was a teenager

On Wednesday, February 13, another seven chefs will cook in the second heat of MasterChef 2019: They are Ottille, Justin, Phil, Irini, Ashleigh, Yui and Josh. But no further details have been released yet.

For the first four weeks of Masterchef 2019, BBC One will broadcast two heats of seven contestants a week plus a quarter-final.

MasterChef starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One