THE life of a social media influencer, advertising brands, is ever-changing, but adapting to the latest styles and having a finger on the pulse of consumer trends can be a lucrative business.

Edward Green-Moore is the owner of SocialTrend — a digital agency specialising in cultivating fans for brands on social media.

Mr Green-Moore said: "It's growing all the time and Instagram campaigns form a large part of any digital campaign."

As an influencer himself, boasting 33,000 followers on his own food blog, Mr Green-Moore says keeping active on social media is the key to gaining attention, though it might be time consuming.

For professionals, it can take "three or four hours" to get the perfect shot, edit the photo and add captions.

He believes that companies will now turn to "micro-influencer", rather than paying out high sums to social media stars with millions of followers.

Instead, brands are looking to send samples of their products to more accounts with a few hundred followers to spread the word more naturally.

Mr Green-Moore added that we are all influencers.

He said: "If you look at social media as a tool, any person who comes into your shop is technically a micro-influencer.

"You have influenced your friends without even knowing it."