TRANSPORT bosses have revealed ambitious plans for £70bn of projects to take place between now and 2050.

The Transport for the North (TfN) Strategic Transport Plan includes proposed junctions improvements to improve traffic flow on the M60, a focus on expanding the Metrolink network using tram-trains and the construction of new rail lines to connect with HS2.

The document contains a huge number of projects, some of which are ongoing or in a development phase, although many are at a very early stage.

It also includes the latest plans for Northern Powerhouse Rail, or HS3, which would be a high-speed railway connecting cities across the North of England.

TfN says the proposals represent an increase in transport spending of £50 per person in the North of England between now and 2050 but could contribute towards an additional £100bn in economic growth - creating 850,000 extra jobs.

Barry White, chief executive at Transport for the North, said the work set out in the Strategic Plan would be a "legacy for future generations".

He added: “The Strategic Transport Plan is a hugely important document for the North. It is our vision for a prosperous pan-Northern future and outlines how investment in transport could transform our economy.

“For the people of the North, this will mean more choice over where they live and work, access to higher quality jobs and better connections to friends and families.

"It will mean our businesses have more opportunity to collaborate, trade and grow in a sustainable way."

Initial drafts of the plan have been popular with businesses, with Damian Waters, North West regional director of the Confederation of British Industry, calling the strategy “vital”.

He said: “The plans for better connections between the towns, cities and international gateways that will assist the North’s long-term growth reflect business priorities across the country.

“High quality and reliable infrastructure keeps the economy moving, drives growth, and has a tremendous impact on productivity. These plans will also create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, bringing new opportunities to communities.

“TfN’s vision shows what can be achieved when business and local political leaders work together in the best interests of their regions.”

The next stage is for the plans to be considered by TfN’s board, who will meet on Thursday in Chester, the group includes representatives from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester. Subject to approval, the plans will be officially launched on Monday February 11 in Sheffield at which point they will become the transport body’s statutory policy from now until 2050.

More details on the Strategic Transport Plan can be found here.