RESIDENTS vented their frustration at council bosses as they struggled to get about during last week’s snowfall.

The borough was hit by icy flurries overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday morning last week, leaving roads, streets and pavements frozen.

Commuters claimed on social media that there weren’t enough gritters on the roads, with ‘cars skidding and people slipping’.

“You shouldn’t have to beg for a basic service,” one said.

The organisation in charge of keeping roads ice free in Trafford  insisted their team ‘operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week’ and gritters had been out five times in one day.

But resident on the council’s Facebook page wrote: “No roads in Flixton were gritted at all last night, this caused an accident on Flixton Road early this morning that I was involved in.”

Another added: “Cars are skidding and people are slipping around Kenmore Road and Woodhouse Lane in Sale.

“You shouldn’t have to beg for a basic service.”

A third posted: “Cost me a days pay not being able to get to work. Any chance of a free month council tax to compensate me ? No I thought not. Next elections perhaps we vote people in who will manage the situation.”

Another wrote: “Couldn’t be bothered to do Hale Road then, it was treacherous, I’ve not seen a single gritter this year, main roads or motorway! Signs are on just no one there!”

In response One Trafford, said its highways and waste teams had been gritting town centre pavements and refilling salt bins across the borough.

A company spokesman said: “The highways winter service in Trafford operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week from October to April. 

“Our dedicated team continually monitor the conditions of the network with updates from the Met Office and take regular ground temperature readings.

“This helps to determine whether to grit, how much grit should be laid, and at what time of the day.

“The team will remain on standby throughout this cold snap and will continue to service the network.”

Meanwhile, council boss Andrew Western also backed the claims on Thursday. 

“Lots of people frustrated this morning given the adverse weather conditions, suspecting no gritting had taken place,” he tweeted.

“To confirm, two courses of gritting took place, but across Greater Manchester the weather meant it wasn’t always effective with rain washing grit away before the snow fell.

“Teams have been out again today and will continue through the night to keep roads as safe as possible – I’m sorry so many journeys were affected today, and hope everyone stays safe.”