THE Harry Potter-inspired bar which gained international attention last year has only just been granted planning permission to operate as a bar.

The Crux Emporium in Lee Lane, previously called "Horcrux Emporium", formally had its premises changed from a shop to a drinking establishment on Thursday.

Owner Tom Benson applied for permission in December.

The Horwich bar opened in October 2017 to provide a "magical cocktail experience" but five months later, Warner Brothers Mr Benson to remove all references to the brand unless he applied for a licence from the company.

The new name was chosen through a Facebook poll by the end of the week.

Mr Benson has also had to remove associated decorations and change the names of five cocktails that make reference to the brand such as Dumbledore’s Password and Butter Beer.

The intervention by Warner Brothers and the resulting name change increased the bar’s social media engagement with interest from companies in New Zealand, Sweden and the United States.