A NIGHTCLUB has been forced to ban under 21s after 9pm at the weekend after a "ferocious and violent" brawl outside.

The melee outside the King's Ransom involved about 20 people, mostly women, some were seen kicking and stamping on each other during the December 15 incident.

Pub bosses have now been ordered to ban anyone aged under 21 from the premises after 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights, make improvements to the CCTV system, and have a minimum of eight doormen on duty.  

The decision to impose the catalogue of constraints was made during a secret meeting at Trafford Town Hall on Monday.

The council’s legal team banned the press from covering the hearing because the licensing committee received a high volume of "sensitive" information.

“Due to the volume of sensitive information that ranges across various different exemption grounds, it cannot be separated for private and public discussion,” they said.

At a previous hearing, Greater Manchester Police said CCTV footage showed a fight broke out near the entrance to the Brittania Road venue at around 2am.   

The police officer’s report read: “Several people were involved, but they were mainly females.

“One victim suffered a broken jaw while another a cut lip. The fight was ferocious and violent with people kicking, pulling hair ­— and stamping on each other ­— in what looks like a violent disorder.

“At the scene, police officers were faced with a large group of young volatile people. Extra patrols were needed to help disperse the crowd.”

Police said about 120 youths ­— aged 15 to 25 ­— were seen "loitering" in the area at the time.

Last month, officers urged the council to suspend the bar’s licence.

Police said bar staff did not call 999 about the disturbance. They said they had "serious concerns" about how the club, owned by Greene King, is being run.

“Managers claimed that they were not aware of the incident despite three police vans, several patrol vehicles, and 12 officers being present,” the report added.

“It is believed that the premises simply closed its doors and allowed the individuals to fight outside.”

That accusation was denied by the pub’s manager, Chris Walker, during a town hall hearing.

“I agree there should have been a member of staff a the top of the stairs, near the entrance, but we were all very busy downstairs,” he told councillors.

“My door staff were, in fact, on the second floor preventing customers from leaving the bar with drinks and bottles.

“The CCTV does show staff going to check the top of the stairs, which they do regularly, but the incident had finished by then, unfortunately.”

Committee chairman Cllr Anne Duffield questioned why, if there were 20 members of staff on duty, nobody had a ‘clue’ what was going on outside.

“We’re finding that very difficult to understand,” she said.

“After watching the CCTV and being presented with additional evidence, it is something we are struggling with.”

According to a police report, there has been a string of incidents involving customers at the pub the last year.

A person was allegedly stabbed, while a woman had a glass smashed in her face.

Police said people claimed their drinks were spiked ­— while another reportedly had part of their ear bitten off.

Speaking after Monday’s hearing, Cllr Duffield said the various restrictions on the bar’s licence should improve how it is being run.

“They are robust ­— and have been put in place to prevent another incident like this from happening again,” she said.

“Only allowing over 21s in the pub after 9pm over the weekend will make a huge difference.

“Meanwhile, the bar has already stepped-up its CCTV systems ­— and security will be on the door at all times.”

“These are positive moves enforced to protect public safety,” she added.