CAR parking charges are set to rise by 30p ­—  and taxi drivers will pay for a knowledge test ­— under draft proposals to save cash-strapped Trafford council £12 million.

The move comes as under-pressure town hall bosses find ways to slash more than £40 million from the town hall’s budget over the next three years.

Council chiefs have listed a catalogue of cost-cutting proposals in this year’s draft budget, but have not yet scrapped the controversial green bin charge.

The unpopular tax was introduced under Conservative rule, which ended in May after 14 years.

In a 10-point coalition deal with the Lib Dems, Labour leader Andrew Western promised to scrap the charge ‘as soon as funding becomes available’, he said.

According to council papers, the charge generates an income of £1.45 million ­— and, if it is abolished, the authority would also be £350,000 out of pocket due to waste levy charges.

Cllr Mike Cordingley, the portfolio holder for finance, has not ruled out  scrapping the charge completely.

In a report, he wrote: “We did promised to review the charge for the collection of green waste.

“However, removing it will impact the budget.

“But, as long as the financial gap can be addressed for 2019/20 we will endeavour to remove the charge ­— and consider an alternative income.

“The budget gap for the following two years is £23 million making the size of the challenge significant.”

Meanwhile, a consultation to increase the cost to park in council-owned car parks is currently underway.

If the plans are agreed drivers will pay 50p to park for 30 minutes ­— £1 for up to two hours ­— and between £2 to £5 for longer stays.

The move, which would generate £84,000, has been criticised by the Conservatives who argue the increase will deter shoppers from visiting town centres.

However,  the overall total income from car parking charges for 2018/19 will make £1.356 million for the council, before costs.

In addition,  around £20,000 will also come from charging taxi drivers for a knowledge test.

Meanwhile, the authority also plans to save £371,000 by caring for four foster children in homes based in Trafford ­— instead of using out of borough services.

While plans for a new 16 -bed children’s care home is in the pipeline ­— and, as a result, the council is predicting a £202,000 saving in this sector.

Further savings of £550,000 have been earmarked for adult services ­— and this will be done by remodelling how some care services for the elderly are delivered.  

Meanwhile, the council has said it will increase council tax by 3.99 per cent in a bid to help pug the deficit.

The tax rise would see bills for Band D properties rise by £46.

Tory leader Sean Anstee has criticised the draft budget ­— and accused Labour of having ‘little’ idea about how to balance the books.

He said proposals, such as the increase in council tax and car parking charges, should ‘concern’ residents.

Cllr Anstee added: “They have been sold a pup and will now face the consequences of a Labour administration, propped up by the Greens and Lib Dems, who are already on course to overspend this year’s budget.

“This will mean even more unnecessary cuts as a direct result of their financial imprudence.

“There is more bad news to come and this is squarely the responsibility of the Labour Party.”

Cllr Western rubbished the accusations ­— and labelled the attack ‘desperate’.

“It’s interesting that Sean has chosen to criticise an increase in council tax when it is at precisely the same level that he set last year ­— and less than the Conservatives increased it by over the past two years,” he argued.

“While work is still ongoing ­— what we do know ­— is that the 2019/20 budget will be set with no loss of existing services or jobs.

“Frontline services, such as libraries, school crossing patrols and children’s centres will be protected in stark contrast to the Tory record.”

Cllr Western also denied the council is overspending ­— and said any issues with the current budget were ‘inherited’.

“It’s the Conservative’s who have forced councils to cut hundreds of millions from their budgets as a direct consequence of their failed austerity agenda,” he added.