A PARKING company has submitted fresh proposals to develop a 700-space car storage facility on a site which was at the centre of a planning battle.

Cheshire Airport Parking Ltd has put forward new plans for the land formerly home to Caddick’s Clematis Nursery, on Lymm Road.

The firm’s previous application was turned down in August after it was deemed that there were no special circumstances to carry out development in the green belt.

The site would be used to park the vehicles of customers of the Clayton Hotel at Manchester Airport while they are on holiday.

In November, it was confirmed that the council obtained a final injunction to protect the land from being unlawfully used as a commercial off-site airport car parking facility, which followed site visits by the police and council.

The new application proposes the retention of the hardstanding area to the northern part of the site and laying of additional gravel to pave the way for an open-air car parking site for up to 700 vehicles.

It also proposes the retention of two buildings for office and staff use and the ‘laying out’ of a playground, assault course and public amenity area, along with the demolition and clearance of the other existing buildings and structures on the land.

The planning, design and access statement says the plans will safeguard 20 jobs and create a further 20.

It adds: “While concerns have previously been expressed regarding ‘rewarding’ the landowner for failing to comply with planning enforcement and unlawful development, the reality is that the proposed development provides the opportunity to safeguard a local business, formalise the use of the site and buildings which the council can enforce – and to the benefit of surrounding residents, enhance the physical appearance of the site and the green belt, deliver environmental improvements, and enhance the openness of the green belt.

“The alternative is that none of these benefits are provided for and the site simply remains an ongoing issue for Warrington council and causes ongoing and unlawful harm to the green belt.”

The applicant operates a car parking service on behalf of the Clayton Hotel.

The service operates by customers arriving to the Clayton Hotel by car ahead of their overnight stay before they travel the following day.

The planning, design and access statement says their vehicles are driven from the hotel car park between the hours of 7pm and 7am to the applicant’s existing vehicle storage site, on Rushgreen Road in Lymm, which has capacity for 650 vehicles.

The same operations are proposed as part of this planning application and they would replace the applicant’s existing service at Rushgreen Road.