YOU might be getting ready to party tonight but Greater Manchester Police’s call handling teams are urging people to think before they dial on what is generally the busiest night of the year for 101 and 999 calls.

On average, GMP receives 16 per cent more calls to 999 and three per cent more calls to 101 on New Year’s Eve, with more serious incidents being recorded on both numbers when compared with an average Friday night.

Last year 999 calls during New Year’s Eve were the highest between midnight and 4am while 101 saw the most calls during the afternoon.

Police say they will be working around the clock to answer calls and protect the most vulnerable people in Greater Manchester, but they are asking people to keep the lines free for those who really need them.

GMP is also running its LiveChat facility for non-emergency queries and reports throughout the night. Handlers will be available to answer queries right through the night — an increase to the usual service provided during the rest of the year. Instead of closing at midnight on New Year’s Eve it will continue through until midnight on January 1. Live chat can be accessed from GMP’s website.

Superintendent Mark Kenny, who runs the call handling teams, said: “New Year’s Eve is always a busy night for us and we anticipate that this year will be no exception. As well as seeing an increase in the number of calls that come in; we tend to see more emergencies, including serious incidents, being reported, with alcohol fuelled violence being the largest demand.

“Over the past 12 months, there has been a general increase in 999 calls, in line with the national picture, and we’re working hard to ensure that we get to the people who need us the most.

"We’ve also been working hard to give people alternatives for contacting us and getting more information, including the introduction of LiveChat earlier this year alongside launching a campaign reminding people to think before they pick up the phone to us.

“Whatever you are doing this evening, we hope you have a great time, but please remember to stay safe.

Look out for one another, drink responsibly and get in touch with us if you need help – 101 or LiveChat to report incidents which are not an emergency and 999 if there’s an immediate threat to life or property.”