DOG walkers are being warned not to discard bags of dog mess at the former William Wroe Golf Club Flixton.

It follows a shocking picture which appeared on social media which showed a bin full to overflowing with plastic bags full of dog faeces.

The reaction to the photograph attracted a huge response of Facebook with one woman saying: “Yes. It’s criminal that these bins are not emptied” while reminding pet owners, by adding: “Come on fellow dog walkers, the first rule is that if there’s no bin available on your walk you take it home.

Another commented: “You guys fought so had for ‘your green space and then you do this? That’s pretty grim and embarrassing.”

Another person said: “So if the bin is not in service remove it. Council come on, it’s not rocket science, a bin exists so you presume it will get emptied.”

A man who walks his dogs said: “We walk on William Wroe most days with our two dogs, but have missed this awful sight. Why would people keep on piling their dogs mess up like this!

“It’s a disgrace and we want to keep it a lovely green space. People just anger me. Take it home!”

A spokesman for Trafford Council said: “A team will be on site to clean up the mess.

“We recognise that the bins there are not suitable and we were going to replace them this week with more appropriate ones. However, this has now been delayed because of this issue. We would ask dog owners to be more responsible by taking home the dog mess when the bins are full.

“As part of our Bag it and Bin It campaign, anyone caught not disposing of their dog’s mess appropriately will receive an £80 on-the-spot fine or if more serious, they will be prosecuted.”