A VAN driver had his windscreen smashed when a pedestrian threw a bottle at his vehicle while he was driving along Winwick Road in Warrington.

At around 12.15pm yesterday, Thursday, the man ran into the road near to LA Bowl and threw what appeared to be a plastic bottle of water at the van.

Engineer Lee Wright captured the incident on a dashcam fitted to his vehicle.

Messenger Newspapers:

He said: “I was working on a building site near to Gemini Retail Park and I was heading back to Manchester for another job.

“I’ve no idea why he did what he did.

“As I was heading up to the M62, he popped out in the road and I think he wasn’t happy that I was changing lanes, because he decided to throw something through my windscreen.

“I pulled over and got out of the van, but he’d run down the road by then.

“An older chap who had seen it said he thought he’d gone in the bowling alley – we had a look round but he’d gone.”

Lee, from Sale, has been unable to work while his van is out of action.

Messenger Newspapers:

He added: “I was pretty shaken up – I was probably going about 40mph, and for someone to throw something through your windscreen like that is worrying.

“There are two child seats in the van that are covered in glass now – it could’ve been anyone in this van and he could have caused a serious accident.

“If someone had been at the side of me when I swerved I would have wiped them out – it’s not nice.

“I’m self-employed and my equipment is fitted in the back of my van – I’ve got to wait for the windscreen to be fixed, so I’ve not been able to work for a day-and-a-half already.

“I’ve got two small kids before and it’s just before Christmas – we’re already struggling and this is going to cost me a lot of money.

“Hopefully someone will recognise him.”

Messenger Newspapers:

Anyone with information is urged to contact Cheshire Police on 101, quoting incident number IML241919, or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.