AN Altrincham restaurant is celebrating Beaujolais Day with an event to celebrate the arrival of this year’s cheeky little number.

Bistrot Pierre, George Street, is also encouraging its customers and staff to dress up today in their most clichéd French attire to fully embrace the event

The restaurant chain’s marketing director, Arpita Anstey, said:“Beaujolais Day is all about having fun and embracing the novelty of being among the first to taste this young wine, which is best served slightly chilled.”

“It’s written into French law that the first bottle can only be uncorked at 00:01 on the third Thursday in November. We have made sure that we didn’t miss that deadline by sending a Bistrot Pierre team to the Beaujolais region to collect the first crates, meaning that our customers receive the freshest Beaujolais Nouveau 2018.”