I WAS disgusted and shocked to read recently that a group of students at a well-known university are trying to have Remembrance Sunday banned as they are under the impression that it glorifies war.

In my humble opinion, Remembrance Sunday does not glorify war in the slightest.

It thanks those that fought and died so that we could have our freedom today. It glorifies those who made the ultimate sacrifice and I for one will continue to remember all those that gave up their lives for us.]

To forget the sacrifices they made for us is both ridiculous, disgusting and downright dangerous!

So I for one, will always remember them.

It is only when we forget what happened during the wars and wipe them from our memories that we allow those terrible things to happen again and that should never be allowed to happen.

So again, I will remember.

Personally, I am very grateful to those individuals who gave up their freedom so that I can have mine. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like for those men and women, families and children to have lived and sadly died, through those terrible times and I will remember them!

If I had lived at that time, I do not know what I would have done if I had received a letter calling up my sons to go off to war.

It must have been heart-breaking and also terrifying for those who were called up. God only knows what they must have gone through, emotionally and mentally. What brave souls they were.

So I have nothing but respect and huge gratefulness to all those who served through the World Wars and all the other wars we have had where our soldiers fought for our freedom and security.

Those students who have the freedom to put forward this ridiculous request to ban Remembrance Day have it only because men and women fought and died to give them their freedom.

Our young people, especially, need to learn and be taught of the sacrifice made so that we never forget and never allow it to happen to another generation.

Here in Trafford we have the street dubbed “the bravest little street in England” by King George V - Chapel Street in Altrincham - where 161 men from 60 homes went to fight in the First World War, with 29 of them killed in action.

We also have people like Sgt Charles Harry Coverdale, Bill Speakman and Lt Col James Neville Marshall, who are Trafford recipients of the VC. They all made us proud and we will remember them.

I will be wearing my poppy with pride and will stand with my wife at Davyhulme cenotaph this Remembrance Sunday to thank all those who have served and still serve to keep us safe and give us our freedom.

We are grateful and we won’t forget.

Lest We Forget.