THIS week I interviewed the stars of Gogglebox who fly the flag for Trafford - Tom and Julie Malone from Stretford.

I’ve met Tom and Julie Malone on a few occasions and they’re passionate about giving something back to the community by supporting charity events.

I asked them about their lives in Trafford and what they like to do.

Julie said: "As a family we like to watch TV and go out for the occasional meal."

"Me and Tom love spending time with our grandchildren and taking them to soft play areas and parks.

"We also like to go out to comedy nights and the Melville Pub. Our son Tom Jnr, who now lives in London, is either dancing, teaching dance, choreographing or going out socially.

"Our other son Shaun likes going out socially with his mates and the occasional game of football.

"He coaches football at Manchester United, for the mixed ability team."

It is obvious they are a close and loving family and I wanted to know more about what they love about Trafford.

Julie said: "We love living in Trafford. It's close to everything, lovely parks and play areas, shopping, cafes and close enough to the motorway and metro networks for going further afield.

"But the best thing about Trafford are the warm, friendly people."

Tom added: "I love to shop in the Arndale (Mall) and feel sad it’s being run down."

But Tom says that he doesn't shop, he just follows Julie around with a basket.

"I remember when it was all hustle and bustle", said Julie.

"Especially at weekends. I like the Trafford Centre for clothes, presents and the cinema, but Urmston has a lovely shopping area too.

"Basically I just love shopping, especially at the bargain places on the retail park".

Being famous on TV means that people recognise the Malones when they’re out and about.

I asked if it bothered them being stopped by strangers on the street?

Julie said: "We do get recognised and stopped when we are out and about. It's nice that people feel they can approach us and are so friendly.

"They usually ask about the dogs - especially Dave - the grandkids and the famous array of cakes.

"We don't mind in the least people stopping us for a chat. It means they can relate to us and see us for what we are - an ordinary family.

"People also like to commiserate with me for being married to a moaning, miserable Tom!

"We're just a normal, down-to-earth family with a love of dogs. We like the fact that people who watch the show see Rottweilers for the lovable family dogs that they are."

To finish, I cheekily asked them, 'who is your favourite rat pack singer?'

"Our favourite rat pack singer has got to be the guy from Trafford, but we can't remember his name now. He's very good though!", laughed Julie.