GREATER Manchester has some of the highest levels of pollution in the UK, according to a new report.

The new report will be considered by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on Friday, October 26, ahead of the publication of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan.

Pollutants are linked to a wide range of serious health problems, reduced life expectancy, and contribute to the equivalent of 1,200 deaths a year in Greater Manchester alone.

A new Greater Manchester public health campaign and air quality website – – will raise awareness of the serious impacts of air pollution and show how residents, businesses and local authorities can work together to tackle it.

The website will also give latest details on the development of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan.

Measures to be considered by GMCA will include increasing public transport capacity, upgrading public transport fleet to run on cleaner engines, increasing the use of electric vehicles by expanding the electric charging point network and better traffic management.

Trafford Council has already announced plans to expand and improve the borough’s cycling and walking infrastructure with over £2.6 million in funding from Highways England.