FAMILIES moving into new homes in Urmston are 'distraught' at the state of the properties, according to MP Kate Green.

The MP for Stretford and Urmston said she has been inundated with complaints from constituents suffering from "shoddy and unsafe building work" in their new homes.

The new builds in Woodsend, Urmston were built by Persimmon Homes, who said they are "working closely to resolve any outstanding issues" with homeowners

Ms Green said she had heard "horror stories", including reports of unsafe staircases and dangerous electrics.

Messenger Newspapers:

Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, has raised her concerns in Parliament.

Local resident Lisa, who bought a new build from Persimmon, said: “Persimmon Homes have left me devastated at the shoddy workmanship and incredibly poor quality of my new home. If I could get a refund I would without hesitation.

“The ensuite had to be ripped out and refitted and the toilet was flushing boiling water. Gardens were flooding when it rained and my neighbour had to have her kitchen ripped out and refitted. "All of this, and so much more, was after we had moved in.

“It has been a most traumatic 18 months and still repairs to the properties are on-going. Never again."

After visiting the maligned homes, Ms Green said she was concerned that the homes had been signed off as completed by a Persimmon project manager.

Ms Green said: “Buying a house is the biggest, most important purchase that most of us will ever make.

"That’s why it’s so disappointing to see that local families who’ve worked hard and saved up to buy their dream home have been treated so poorly by Persimmon.

“It simply isn’t good enough for a company to treat residents in this way. People should be able to feel safe in their new homes, not be worried about unsafe staircases and dangerous electrics."

Ms Green expressed her concerns in Parliament and tabled a motion calling for tougher government regulation of housebuilders.

She added: "If housebuilders won’t get their own house in order, it’s time the government acts to make sure that they do.”

The MP said she tried to get in touch with Persimmon to arrange a meeting about residents’ concerns, but was rebuffed.

"I was simply told that it was not their policy to “deal with MPs”", she said.

After raising her residents’ concerns in parliament, she said other MPs from across the country also told her about shoddy building work from Persimmon and other housebuilders in their constituencies.

Mark Cook, regional managing director for Persimmon Homes North West, said: “We are working closely to resolve any outstanding issues with customers at Woodsend who have been in contact with us.

“We take our customer service extremely seriously and are wholeheartedly committed to resolving all issues that arise.

"I would urge any of our customers who have concerns to contact us directly.”