THE FIRST ever commemorative plaque honouring a cat has been unveiled in Trafford.

The pointy-eared green plaque is dedicated to Jessi-cat, an 8-year-old feline from Urmston.

She is the first cat in the country to receive such an honour.

Messenger Newspapers:

A bemused Jessi-cat admires her new plaque.

Similar to the English Heritage blue plaque scheme, which honours notable and historic individuals, the new ‘Pet Plaques’ turns the attention on to our beloved pets.

The new ‘Pet Plaque’ programme celebrates exceptional pets that have had a profound impact on people's lives.

Jessi-cat is being recognised for helping an 8-year-old boy with selective mutism to find his voice.

The clever and compassionate family cat is now famed for forming a special relationship with Lorcan that helped him communicate with family and friends and connect with the world around him.

Messenger Newspapers:

Lorcan's life was transformed after Jessi-cat joined the family.

Owner of Jessi-cat, Jayne Dillon says: “Getting Jessi-cat was a big turning point for Lorcan, and we owe a lot to her.

"So we were over the moon for her to be one of the very first pets to receive a plaque.

"Every time we or anyone else looks at it, will be a reminder of not only the impact she has had to our lives, but also the impact so many pets make to other people’s lives."

The cat-shaped plaque was officially unveiled at the family home by Mayor of Trafford Tom Ross and MP Kate Green.

Messenger Newspapers:

Mayor of Trafford Tom Ross and Kate Green MP congratulate Jessi-cat on her achievement.

Mayor of Trafford Tom Ross added: “Hearing the news of this plaque to honour Jessi-cat meant a lot to me, as I’ve been a friend of Jayne, Lorcan’s and Jessi-Cat’s for quite some time now.

"I’ve been lucky enough to have a strong relationship with Lorcan and to watch him grow, with Jessi-cat proving a major help.

"I think honouring the nation’s animals in this way is long overdue, and am so pleased Jessi-cat was one of the first to be recognised.

"I couldn’t think of a cat or family more deserving!”

Other pioneering pets to be honoured are Walnut the Whippet and Flora the 'Dog Doctor'.

Messenger Newspapers:

Jessi-cat is the first cat in the country to receive the special honour.

Pet owners across the country are encouraged to put forward their own pet, to become a part of the scheme, run by TrustedHousesitters.

The house and pet sitting business will unveil .

Over 20 plaques have been placed on homes across the UK, and more green markers are to be unveiled next year.

For stories and locations of the markers, or to nominate your own pet for a plaque, visit: