THE war against litterbugs is being won, according to Trafford Council.

The Council said their tough stance against those who litter or dump waste is paying off after the the authority prosecuted its 100th offender this year.

The latest offender was fined £220 with costs of £120 at Manchester Magistrates’ Court after he was caught littering in Stretford.

On January 8 this year, officers from Kingdom Environmental Enforcement Service were engaged by the Council to carry out street patrols in the Old Trafford and Stretford areas.

The success of the crack-down by Kingdom enforcement could see the Council’s efforts extended to other parts of the borough next year.

Kingdom officers wear Trafford Council uniforms and carry body cameras while on patrols.

They must always identify themselves to the public before issuing fines.

Hundreds of on-the-spot fines of £80 have been issued to people caught dropping cigarette butts and chewing gum this year.

The officers also fined those who fail to clean up after their dog.

But the Council said their key focus is to target fly-tippers who persistently choose to blight Trafford’s neighbourhoods.

Since the initiative began at the start of the year, Kingdom has issued 1,677 fixed penalty notices.

Councillor Stephen Adshead said the Council would continue its zero-tolerance approach to those who litter and fly tip.

He said: “The Council receive lots of complaints about litter and dog fouling and hopefully these fines will send a clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“There are a number of other cases that are being progressed through the Magistrates’ alongside a large number of fixed penalty notices that have been issued for this type of offence.

“We urge residents to put their litter and dog waste in a litter bin, or take their litter home with them.”

Money generated from the fines is ring-fenced and invested in environmental schemes across the borough.

The Council is asking people to report incidents online.

Descriptions of litterbugs and flytippers, and vehicle registrations should be emailed to for investigation.