FOR their next production, Sale Nomads are to getting in the mood for Halloween with a romantic comedy horror.

Written in 2011 by Peter Brammer, Valentine the Quintessential Vampire centres on a hybrid Vampire who lives with his sister, a fully-fledged vampire, called Natalia.

He falls for Hayley, a human of whom Natalia disapproves.

This is the first play Richard Ross has directed for twenty years since his own theatre company was active.

Since 2016, he has directed several musicals including the Nomads sell-out production of Bugsy Malone.

Richard, a 41-year-old fine artist and business developer, said: “The play is funny, most of the comedy comes from the clash between the human and the vampire.

“This is illustrated by Natalia’s biting and bitchy comments towards Hayley and Valentine’s failed attempts to be a sexy and dominant predator.”

He believes the audience will love the scene where ‘full-of-life” Hayley tries to get Valentine into bed, but he tries to resist because he fears he might eat her.

“Despite the laugh out loud there is a serious undertone which is where the horror side of things comes fro.”

Jay Hollows, who plays Valentine, has drawn upon his own experiences to get the conflict right between what he wants and his heart’s true desire.

Whilst he appears to be indecisive and pathetic, below the surface he possesses an almost supernatural confidence.

Angela Cooke’s Hayley is contrastingly full of life and can hold her own, yet has a hidden vulnerability.

Richard said: “I’m not going to reveal the ending but I think it will surprise audiences and leave them talking about the story after they leave.”

he added: “We’d like people to wear Halloween themed costumes on the Saturday night.”

* Valentine, the Quintessential Vampire, runs at the Nomads Clubhouse, in Friars Road, Sale from Wednesday, October 24 until Saturday, October 27.

For tickets, telephone 0161 969 5140