IT’S only three weeks since Ken Garrity received a tap on the shoulder at the Michaelmas Assize of Altrincham Court Leet indicating he had been chosen as Provost of Altrincham.

The Bowdon Burgess has already attended the RAF 100 meeting in Sale and, on October 13 will join the Freemen of Chester for a banquet.

In November, he’ll be busy with World War I memorial commemorations, including the Court Leet and Hale Civic Society’s big event – Oh What a Lovely War - at St Margaret’s Church, Altrincham on November 22.

Ken has spent his whole career in the travel industry. On leaving Manchester Central Grammar School, aged 17, he got a job stamping brochures with Lewis’s travel bureau at the princely wage of £6. 7s 6d per week.

He moved to Liverpool aged 19 to become assistant manager of Lewis’s travel bureau.

“I loved it. The people who took me in as a lodger, treated me like their own son,” he said.

He swiftly moved upwards and became manager of Selfridge’s travel in London.

Then he joined Cresta World Travel in Sale before setting up his own business, Carlton Travel.

Semi-retired since 2008, he runs Ken Garrity Travel from home, specialising in cruises and long haul journeys.

Ken is fascinated with the Court Leet which started in 1290 and he believes it has come to life since the 70s when the Earl of Stamford restarted it.

“My robe is 100 years old. It has been cleaned and the original pole cat fur replaced with faux fur.

Ken remains very proud of his home town and he has encouraged people to vote for Altrincham in the upcoming High Street of the Year competition.

“Altrincham is one of the best four towns in the UK and people can still vote for the town to win £15,000 in the final of the competition.”

Ken is an active member of Altrincham Rotary Club and also belongs to Altrincham Probus Club.

He’s a caring man who helps good causes.

As a Rotarian, he supports the Forget-me-not Trust, which takes food parcels to Manchester’s homeless.

Ken, 67, started the Rotary Club’s Santa in Altrincham event in 2012.

Last year, he raised £4,000 by placing Father Christmas in local stores.

He also founded the Toys and Tins Appeal five years ago with six hundred toys.

Last year, it had built up to 3,000 toys for disadvantaged children.

“I am proud and privileged to become Provost,” he said