AS BREXIT chaos continues to wreak havoc through the halls of Westminster, Trafford’s politicians brought the debate closer to home.

Jane Brophy, Lib Dem group secretary, proposed a motion to council chamber on Wednesday, September 26, calling on members to lobby the Government for a People’s Vote on whether or not Britain should leave the EU.

Backed by Green Party leader Geraldine Coggins, the proposal sparked a heated cross-party debate – and even saw Tory councillor Michael Hyman speak in favour of the proposal.

The motion, which was voted through, will now see Trafford Council follow in the footsteps of other Labour-run councils in actively lobbying Government for a second referendum on the UK’s exit from the EU.

Cllr Brophy said passing the motion would be the responsible choice to make.

“Our residents expect their elected representatives to protect the environment, maintain a sustainable economy, provide good services and build strong communities,” she argued.

“Brexit will put all these things at risk.”

Labour chief Andrew Western agreed.

“We are heading towards a catastrophic Brexit with no idea of what impact this is going to have on our economy, particularly here in the North West,” he said.

“It is absolutely critical people have the final vote on this.”

Meanwhile Tory leader Sean Anstee said what is ‘massively’ undermining the negotiations is uncertainty.

“This needs to be removed in order for us to get the best possible deal for the businesses and residents of Trafford,” he added.

“I won’t be supporting the motion because we need to remove that uncertainty.

“This should never have been decided by referendum in the first place, so to have another one would just prolong the agony.”

But Conservative colleague Cllr Hymen supported the call for a People’s Vote .

He said: “The majority of Trafford residents wish to remain and a motion passed by this council for a second vote will reflect the wishes of the people.”

The council agreed to publish a Brexit impact study, support a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the EU – and urge Trafford’s MPs to join the campaign.