PEOPLE who find it difficult to stand on public transport will be able to take advantage of a new scheme to help them get a seat.

A new badge system for passengers with disabilities, injuries or hidden conditions will enable them to indicate to fellow passengers they need to sit down.

The Please Offer Me A Seat badge is a new initiative by Transport for Greater Manchester, designed to encourage people using public transport to offer their seat to elderly, infirm or disabled passengers.

People can apply for their badges now and do not have to supply medical details or supporting evidence.

Messenger Newspapers:

Brenda Warrington, GMCA Lead for Age-Friendly Greater Manchester and Equalities; Stephen Rhodes, TfGM’s Customer Director; Martin Bretts, member of TfGM’s Disability Design Reference Group; Lauren Wild, expectant mother

TfGM will be supporting Please Offer Me A Seat with a social media and marketing campaign so that passengers will be aware of the scheme encouraging them to offer their seats to people with a badge.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “A successful transport system needs to be accessible to all.

"If someone is put off using public transport because they can’t stand for extended periods or are worried about not getting a seat then it can be a real barrier to getting to the jobs, shops and other essential services across our city-region.

"This system makes it clearer to everyone, so people who need a seat feel more confident asking, and people sitting feel less awkward offering.

"We can all do our bit to make journeys better and I hope everyone gets behind the scheme and helps to make a real difference to people travelling in Greater Manchester.”

Brenda Warrington, GMCA Lead for Age-Friendly Greater Manchester and Equalities, said: “We all know that some people find it harder to stand on public transport, but not all disabilities and conditions are visible and sometimes it can be tricky to tell who needs a seat.

"I hope that Please Offer Me A Seat will make a real difference to people’s journeys and I would encourage everyone who needs one to apply.

"If you’re on public transport and you see someone with a badge standing, please offer them your seat. Let’s all do our bit to make our journeys better.”

For more information or to apply for an Please Offer Me A Seat badge go to: