CAFÉ Rene, Urmston Musical Theatre’s latest production, is a double first.

It is a first for director Julie Broadbent and a first for the Musical Theatre who are using, for the first time, their Pennybridge Little Theatre.

It’s in Pennybridge Lane ( M41 5DX) behind the Bird I’th Hand pub and they are using it whilst Urmston Sports Centre is being refurbished.

“It only holds 50 people so it is important to buy tickets quickly,” said Julie.

The Pennybridge Little Theatre has itself been done up by stage manager, Alan Pickwick, who has built a realistic piano around the keyboard which will accompany the songs.

Café Rene is a take on Allo Allo.

It was written by the late Ralph Etherington, a former member and Eileen Salt, a former musical director, who added the musical numbers.

Julie said: “We performed it at St. Clement’s church in 1992 and are pleased to resurrect it again.”

Julie, a freelance dance and drama artist, said: “I have changed some of the music and words and added one or two new songs.

“It has been fun to direct. The cast are working very hard. They are great. It is going the way I want it to.

”I enjoy bringing out the comedy and taking some of my ideas to fruition,” she said.

The musical contains the usual characters – Rene and Edith, Yvette and Mi-mi, Crabtree, the stupid Englishman who thinks he can speak French and, of course, Herr Flick.

The only missing characters are the old granny and Helga, Herr Flick’s assistant.

Urmston Musical Theatre plan to let out their little theatre to community groups.

If you would like to hire the room, telephone 0161 973 6796.

* Café Rene runs from Wednesday, October 10 until Saturday, October 13.

Tickets are £10 and includes French-style light refreshments.

For tickets, see or telephone 0161 408 1288.