MATILDA the Musical is the new hit show at the Palace Theatre and it is certain to captivate both young and mature audiences.

The cast are amazing and the cleverly choreographed kids deserve special recognition for their dance routines which bring to life the illustrations in the original book.

Roald Dahl’s creation has been successfully transferred

to the stage by playwright Dennis Kelly and composer Tim Minchin.

The result is a charming insight into the mind of a little girl who is unloved by her parents.

She feeds her brain with books but no-one, apart from her sympathetic teacher Miss Honey, understands her.

Her school is run by a cruel headmistress, the sadistic Miss Trunchbull, who is played by a man (Craig Els), adding impact to the show.

He is, over-the-top evil and refers to his innocent charges as ‘maggots’.

Sophia Ally is one of three children who play Matilda.

On press night she captured centre stage, dancing and singing her way through the performance.

At one stage,the young actress even speaks Russian.

One wonders who is the brightest – Sophia the actress or the character of Matilda which she imbues with so much charisma and charm.

I also like Dylan Hughes who plays her schoolmate Bruce, who stands on his desk and sings his heart out.

Sebastien Torkia and Rebecca Thornhill who play Matilda’s ignorant parents are contrasted nicely by Carly Thoms as the sweet, caring Miss Honey.

* Matilda continues at the Palace Theatre until Saturday, November 24.

For tickets see or telephone 0844 871 3019.

Star rating: * * * *