THE Garrick Playhouse succeed in taking us around the world in two hours when they present Laura Eason’s version of the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in 80 Days.

This remarkable, fast-paced production is a fun adventure.

With just six cast members playing over 100 characters, simply by swapping clothes and props, they achieve a feat as impressive as the fantastical voyage itself.

The leading character is Jamie Sloan’s Phileas Fogg, who takes a bet from the Reform Club’s whist section, to circumnavigate the globe in record time.

His modes of transport include trains, a ship, a sleigh and even an elephant.

All are created simply and effectively, often by the versatile use of suitcases.

Jamie illustrates a well-heeled gentleman with a stiff upper lip.

He has, until his adventure, been set in his ways. But travel changes his attitude, if only slightly.

But Phileas Fogg would be helpless without his faithful valet, Passepartout, brought to life by an acrobatic Tim Cooper.

An ideal choice to play a former circus performer, his physical contortions are fascinating.

As Fogg’s comic sidekick, he puts keeps the audience constantly amused by rescuing his boss from a series of unfortunate situations.

Mark Jephcott is impressive as the wily Inspector Fix, who uses every trick to delay the pair of mavericks in his relentless pursuit to arrest Fogg.

Laura Crow is also delightful as the beautiful Indian woman who joins them on their adventure after they dramatically rescue her from a funeral pyre.

Even the music is appropriate and this is just one of the many threads drawn together by director Celia Bonner.

This is a show which the whole family will enjoy.

* Around the World in 80 Days is at the Garrick Playhouse, until Saturday, September 29.

For tickets, telephone 0161 928 1677 or online at

Star rating: * * * *