A TRAFFORD family who have been waiting nearly three months to discover how their sister died are demanding answers.

Sandra Densley, 56, of Tulip Road, Partington, was found face down in her one-bedroom flat on July 5, at 9pm, while an ex-partner and his friends sat in the lounge next door drinking brandy.

According to her sister, Helen Giblin, of Ullswater Road, Urmston, her sister had injuries which were so severe that officials urged her not to visit the mortuary to see her sister.

She said: “There was a whole series of different stories, which came out of that evening when Sandra died, but she lay on the floor and nobody used the bathroom or kitchen or even heard her fall on to the concrete floor.

“I was told I could not see her for four days because her face was such a mess.

“When I saw her, she had a deep indentation above her right eye and her face was heavily marked with bruises.

“The problem for the family is that we still don’t know after all this time how she died.”

Toxicology reports have proved inconclusive.

The family also discovered that a bank card, which arrived the day after her sister died, was used to withdraw £3,900.

Helen said: “This has compounded our upset and frustration with the police after I was told by a senior officer investigating the fraud that even though they had CCTV of the suspects, two of which had been identified, it ‘was not in the public interest to prosecute the people involved because we don’t have the resources and it’s the bank, not you, that is the victim’.”

The bank refunded a total of £5,812 which it believed had been fraudulently obtained from Sandra’s account.

Sandra was born in Firswood and attended King’s Road Primary and Gorse Park Secondary. After leaving school, she took up secretarial duties at GEC in Trafford Park and latterly worked for discount wholesaler Costco.

Helen added: “My sister was classed as ‘vulnerable’ and had been the victim of domestic abuse and controlling behaviour and given both the circumstances in how she died and how money, not for the first time, was extracted money from her bank account, I want police to give us some answers and prosecute those responsible for the fraud.”

A police spokesman said: “Police were called by the ambulance service to an address in Tulip Road in Partington shortly after 10pm on July 5, 2018 to a report that a woman had collapsed.

“Officers attended and found the body of 56-year-old Sandra Densley.

“Detectives investigated and, based on the evidence, concluded there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

“As is standard practice a file was passed to the coroner to conduct a coronial investigation.

“Further criminal investigation would be conducted under these circumstances if directed by the coroner.

“Following Sandra’s death, a quantity of money was withdrawn from a bank account owned by her, which was subsequently refunded by the bank.

“This is currently the matter of a police investigation and enquiries remain ongoing.

“Information has been shared with the bank in order for them to consider pursuing a prosecution.

“Sandra’s family have been updated on the progress of both the fraud and coronial investigations.

“We remain available to speak to them should they have any further information they want to discuss.”