FOLLOWING the success of The Play that Goes Wrong and Peter Pan goes Wrong, the Mischief Theatre Company have come up with a third rib-tickling farce– The Comedy about a Bank Robbery.

Unfortunately, it didn’t tickle my ribs but senses of humour differ.

It is scripted by the three brilliant minds behind the first two plays – Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields.

When Mitch Ruscitti (Liam Jeavons) and Neil Cooper (David Coomber) try to rob a priceless diamond from a Minneapolis City Bank, they face obstacles.

Supposedly guarding the gem are the untrustworthy Bank President Robin Freeboys (Damian Lynch), his daughter, Caprice (Julia Frith), Bank Intern, Warren Slax (John Trenchard), cashier, Ruth Monaghan (Ashley Tucker) and her son, Sam (Sean Carey).

They are not the brightest cookies in the jar so the Government send in Officer Randal Shuck (Killian Macardle) to watch over the treasure.

Ruth’s son, Sam, a pickpocket, hits if off with Caprice who manages to extract money from her many admirers.

The funniest scene is where Caprice is overwhelmed with lovers in a bedroom scene with participants hiding to avoid being found.

Of course nothing is straightforward for the would-be bank robbers portrayed by Liam Jeavons and David Coomber, who convey increasing panic as everything goes wrong.

As is so necessary in farce, the cast get the fast timing and facial expressions just right.

Yet it could be the slickness of movement which occasionally makes the action confusing.

The director, Kirsty Patrick Ward, and set designer, David Farley, must be praised for the scene where we appear to be looking down on the action.

Eventually, one person walks off with the diamond. But I won’t say who.

* The show runs at the Lowry until Saturday, September 15.

Tickets can be booked fron

Star rating: * * *