I WAS back on BBC Radio Manchester this week chatting to Darryl Morris, who stepped in for Becky Want as she was away on holiday.

I’ve had lots of emails this week and one lady has asked what it’s like to go to the BBC.

So I thought I’d explain the whole process for you.

On arrival at the studios, in Media City, you first report in at the reception desk where they take your name and photograph for your ID badge.

You then take a seat and wait to be taken up stairs to the studios.

It’s a lovely waiting area and you never know who you might bump into.

One time I met Sherrie Hewson and Tony Maudsley from the television show Benidorm.

On my last visit I met the author NJ Cartner, who very kindly gave me a signed copy of his new book, ‘Lost in Manchester Found In Vegas’.

I’m reading it at the moment and really enjoying it.

When you are collected you need to be security scanned and quickly searched by the very polite and friendly security staff, before heading up in the lift to the studios.

Outside the studio, there is another waiting area where you sit and wait for your time slot.

Here the producer gives you a selection of news stories to read through that will be discussed on the show.

There is also a kitchen area where you can grab a cuppa before going in for the chat.

When it’s time to go on air, you’re taken into the studio and seated opposite the host and a microphone is positioned in front of you.

And you’re all set!

This week we talked about everything from hoarding in the home, to a new diet pill.

We also discussed memorabilia and how much certain famous people’s old clothes or instruments are worth.

A serious amount of money in some cases!

Another reader has asked me where I write my weekly Messenger column.

In short, at home.

I normally write it on my laptop in the conservatory, with a cup of tea, where it’s nice and quiet.

But sometimes I write it on my mobile phone.

I always send what I write to my wife Val to proofread, and correct my terrible spelling!

Then I submit it to the Messenger for print.

I also send with each column a selection of photographs for them to choose which ones they want to accompany my piece and then it’s over to you the reader.

I hope you are all enjoying reading it.

See you next week!