NURSERY group Kids Allowed has awarded a Timperley mum £5,000 worth of childcare to allow her to pursue her dream of starting a career in midwifery.

Mum of two, Helen Stringer, entered Kids Allowed’s competition earlier this year when she was researching nurseries for her little boy, Max.

She was announced as the winner in August and is making plans for Max to attend Kids Allowed’s Altrincham centre while she takes her first steps into a new career.

Helen is embarking on an access course for midwifery at Trafford College, close to Kids Allowed Altrincham, in preparation for applying to university next year.

Helen said: “I’m so pleased to have won. I’ve heard so many positive reviews of Kids Allowed over the years, from parents whose children have been there and from friends who work there, and when the Altrincham centre opened I knew it would be ideal for us when Max was ready to go to nursery.

“I’ve always wanted to be a midwife and having my own children has reinforced that. I’m slightly late going into a new career but I’m really passionate about it.

“I’m nervous about leaving Max for the first time but I know he will love all of the outdoor space and the messy play.”

Jennie Johnson, Kids Allowed founder and CEO, said: “We’re really looking forward to Max and his family joining us in Altrincham. And it’s brilliant that we’re able to do something to help Helen on her journey into such a valuable career. Helen is bound to be nervous about Max starting somewhere new – we’re very used to that – but I’m sure the Altrincham team will make sure they settle in well.

“We’re all about helping mums and dads too – from the little things like free teas and coffees at drop offs and dry cleaning to last-minute spaces to accommodate changing schedules at work.

"Helping Helen pursue a passion for midwifery is just another example of that.”

Helen’s win was the second in a series of three prize draws announced by Kids Allowed this year.

The third draw is open for entries now at

The winner, to be announced in December, will receive £5,000 worth of childcare at their chosen Kids Allowed centre.