WELLACRE Academy achieved another fantastic set of results as the boys continued to excel despite the rigours of the new GCSE specifications.

There was plenty to celebrate as the students continue their journeys in education, employment and training.

There were many successes across a wide ranging curriculum including over 45 per cent of students in Sport and ‘Designing, Engineering and Constructing’ achieving an A/A* grade and 95 per cent achieving a B or higher.

This outstanding success at A and B grades was also evident in popular subjects like Construction, Engineering, Food, Music and Art, with over 80 per cent of students achieving the higher grades.

Miss Melanie Wicks, school principal, said: “We are extremely proud of the boys achievements. There has been so many changes to the exam system over the last couple of year, but students and staff have risen to the occasion.

"With determination and resilience, they have worked together to achieve success.

"However, whilst exam results are important they only ever tell part of the story.

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend our students for participating in so many other areas of school and community life.

"They have proven to be outstanding role models and ambassadors for our school, their families and the wider community.

"They deserve their success and everyone at Wellacre wishes them all the very best for the future."

And the boys themselves had lots to say on their achievements.

Harry Merrell, former Head Boy, said: "I'm very pleased with my results, especially my English grades.

"All the hard work I put in and the support from staff has really paid off, and I can move on to study A Levels in English Literature, English Language and History.

"I've been inspired by my parents, who both work in education, as well as my teachers at Wellacre to follow a career into teaching."

Jack Lee said: "I'm really pleased overall with my results and I'm looking forward to studying A Level Maths, Physics and English Language at Urmston Grammar."

Alfie Hibbert, who achieved a grade 9 in Art and a grade 8 in English Literature, said the results were his first step to a career on the London stage.

He said: "I'm delighted with my results, especially my grades in Art and English Literature.

"I'm completely set up now to do Performing Arts at Pendleton College, which is what I aimed for, and to follow my dream all the way to the West End!"

Other notable individual achievements this year included Sam McGrath, who earned a grade 9 in Maths and an A Designing, Engineering and Constructing (DEC).

Harry Merrell achieved an A* in Designing, Engineering and Constructing (DEC) and grade 8’s in both English Literature and Language.

Luke Williamson took an A* in Designing, Engineering and Constructing (DEC), a Distinction* Sport and a grade 8 in Maths.

Tom Burgess and Jack Lee both got an A* in Designing, Engineering and Constructing (DEC).