LIFE will soon become less aromatic for people in Stretford and Sale, after environmental health officers ordered the removal of 'sludge cakes' at a wastewater treatment site.

The offensive smell has plagued the area in recent weeks, with some people claiming the stench had gradually become unbearable.

But people will soon be able to breathe freely and open their windows again because the offending 'sludge cakes' are being banished from the borough.

Environmental health officers inspected the Stretford Wastewater Treatment works at Bradley Lane on Monday, August 6, after receiving over 20 complaints concerning 'offensive sewage-like odours' in the Sale and Stretford areas.

The environmental health team suspected that the wastewater site was the source of the offending smell and these suspicions were confirmed when they discovered masses of 'sludge cake' stored in the open air.

The team revisited the works on Wednesday, August 8 and ordered United Utilities to remove the offending 'sludge cakes' from the site.

A Trafford Council spokesman said: "In response to these complaints, Council officers contacted United Utilities to establish if there were any problems at their Bradley Lane wastewater treatment works.

"In discussion with United Utilities it was identified that they were storing a quantity of ‘sludge cake’, which is a bi-product of the wastewater treatment process, at the Bradley Lane site.

"This material was identified as the potential source of the odour being experienced.

"A Council officer met with a representative of United Utilities at the Bradley Lane site on Wednesday and was informed that the 'sludge cake' material is in the process of being removed from the site.

"However, due to the volume of material this will take several days to complete.

"In the meantime, United Utilities has agreed that they will ensure the material is covered over whenever possible to minimise odour emissions."

The Council said they will keep in contact with United Utilities to review the progress that is being made to remove the sludge cake material, and ensure that further odour checks will also be undertaken in the local area.