AN ALTRINCHAM film maker will premiere his debut film in Manchester next week.

Trafford-based Mystic Lake Productions will present ‘Out of Focus’, a gritty urban thriller written and directed by Altrincham's Sean Gonet.

The film tell the story of a young detective, Jack Parker (Sean Gonet), who is assigned to an ongoing investigation following a recent spate of murders.

His only lead is vehemently dismissed by his senior, DCI Phil Brooks (Paul Wilson). However, through the power of persuasion, Parker is given 48 hours to tail his suspect undercover, putting himself and his career on the line.

Messenger Newspapers:

The thriller tells the story of a young detective investigating a series of grisly murders.

What first began as a small venture between two best friends rapidly spiralled into a high-end, professionally shot film.

Written, directed by and starring Sean Gonet, the thriller's premiere at The Printworks in Manchester has special resonance for the young film maker, who grew up dreaming of the silver screen just nine miles away in Altrincham.

Kyle Roughneen, co-founder of Mystic Lake Productions, said: “Sean had written the script earlier in the year but it had been put aside while he was working on other projects.

"I read it one evening and I instantly loved it. He asked me to co-produce it with him and the rest is history.”

Gonet added: “Neither of us had any experience in the film industry. I’ve got an acting background from the theatre but this was a complete unknown for both of us.

"Though once things started to develop as they did, we thought we may as well go all out with it.”

In the weeks that followed, they managed to assemble a full professional crew, industry leading equipment and locked down 12 different filming locations.

The whole film was shot in and around Altrincham and Manchester city centre.

Messenger Newspapers:

Sean Gonet has written, directed and starred in the film, set in Altrincham and Manchester.

Roughneen said: “We worked with a few local businesses who were kind enough to let us film in their premises.

"In Altrincham, we filmed at Coffii 22, Complemed Therapy (Old Cheshire Cheese) and Red House Farm."

Gonet added: "We also shot an exterior scene on the Bridgewater Canal in Dane Road.

“We had a perfect balance on set, as I was mainly in front of the camera and Kyle was behind. I’d set the scenes, we’d shoot them and then I’d go and watch the playback footage.”

The pair are already working on their next film’s script - their first feature – with pre-production planned for later this summer.

Messenger Newspapers:

Out of Focus will premiere at Vue, The Printworks, Manchester on August 16 at 7pm.

'Out of Focus' will premiere at 7pm on Thursday, August 16 at at Vue, The Printworks, Manchester.

You can book your tickets at

Tickets are £10 and include a red carpet photo opportunity and welcome drink.

There will be a pre-screening presentation with cast and crew, followed by a Q&A session with the producers after the closing credits.